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Type of deposit < $100,000 > $100,000
Savings 0.07% 0.07%
Interest Checking 0.05% 0.05%
Money Market 0.10% 0.16%
1 month CD 0.07% 0.09%
3 month CD 0.12% 0.14%
6 month CD 0.20% 0.22%
12 month CD 0.34% 0.38%
24 month CD 0.51% 0.56%
36 month CD 0.66% 0.71%
48 month CD 0.78% 0.83%
60 month CD 0.99% 1.02%
Current bank rates as of 4/2/2018 published by the FDIC.
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Credit unions are financial institutions that are owned by members. In the United States, they are non-profit and serves only members. Credit unions usually offer higher interest rates on savings accounts, lower fees & lower rates on loans. Depending on where you live or work, you may be able to join a credit union to take advantage of these offerings.

Since the opening of the first U.S. credit union in 1909, credit unions have provided financial services for many people left unserved or underserved by traditional banking institutions.

A federal credit union is a cooperative financial institution chartered by the federal government and owned by individual members. Today's credit unions remain unique financial institutions with a "not-for-profit but for service" operating philosophy. Annual polls show that credit unions lead the financial community year after year by providing top quality personal service to millions of Americans.

Credit unions keep pace with the needs of their members by offering a variety of products and services. In recent years, many federal credit unions have expanded their lending programs to include real estate and member business loans, as well as traditional consumer loans.

National Credit Union Administration
State vs. Federal Credit Unions

Federal Credit Union:
NCUA is the regulator for ALL federal credit unions. Federal credit unions generally have the word "federal" in its name. Additionally, credit unions with headquarters in Arkansas, Delaware, South Dakota, Wyoming or the District of Columbia, are federal credit unions.

State-Chartered Credit Union:
If a credit union does not have the word "federal" as a part of its name and is not headquartered in Arkansas, Delaware, South Dakota, Wyoming or the District of Columbia, then it is probably a state-chartered credit union, and the state supervisory authority where the credit union's main branch is located will usually be the regulator.

The information found on was provided from the latest quarterly call reports data (December 2011) by the NCUA and from credit unions in accordance with the Federal Credit Union Act, the National Credit Union Administration regulations, or other law. Questions about its accuracy should be addressed to the appropriate credit union.
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